It was so lovely to have a break from cooking. I also felt more inspired to use more spices when I cook for the little guy. 

Mum of one, Barnes

Oh, this is good! As a working mama, I know just how handy this yummy food service would be -- SO convenient - and how great to know that someone has taken such care in creating these dishes!
Emilie, co-founder of Babyccino
Thank you for our lovely delivery this morning Natasha...The girls LOVED the kedgeree at lunch time and I know they are going to love trying the shepherds pie and the ratatouille pasta.. I managed to sneak a mouthful of the kedgeree and it was delicious!! We'll be stocking the freezer with all your lovely dishes to get us through this building work! 
Sophie, Pocket Nannies
My son loves the food that Wild Child Kitchen supplies to his nursery. I get daily reports! The food is colourful, inventive, delicious and nutritious. He has been exposed to countless new flavours and textures. I could not be happier and I am so glad they do home deliveries for the whole family! 
Homa, mum of 3, Kensington 
Those apricot balls were the biggest hit. Shepherds pie vanished in a second he hoovered it! I love the sizes of the portions… spot on for a toddler and the cooking instructions are really easy. [The energy balls are] Neven's favourite and he ate the new flavour in one sitting!
Mum of one, Knightsbridge
We love Wild Child Kitchen! 
Mamazou, London parenting blogger
The two [energy] balls went down remarkably quickly – in fact as soon as I came through the door. Both boys (17 months and 3) loved them.
Mum of two, Chelsea
You are doing such a smashing job and I rave about you to everyone who will listen!
Emma, Mum of one
Wild Child Kitchen gets a double thumbs up from me for concept, ease, quality and pricing and the fact that it has the potential to takes some serious edge off mealtimes for busy London mamas everywhere.  
Talya Stone, Founder of parenting site, Motherhood: the real deal


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