Our Suppliers

Based in the heart of Devon, Langridge Organic supply us with delicious organic fruit and vegetables. Fragrant herbs from the New Forest, crunchy broccoli from Liverpool and juicy blueberries from Horsham all make their way into our dishes.
Langridge’s soil is enriched by a sound ecosystem made up of a long rotation of crops and fertility-building leys. This means that the soil at Langridge is as rich as possible, helping create the tastiest fruit and veg.
None of Langridge’s crops are sprayed with nasty chemicals and everything grows 100% naturally. This means that from time to time, Langridge's fruit and vegetables might not all look the same. But that’s what makes Langridge’s produce so special and why we love working with them so much.
Based along the Thames, Southbank Fresh Fish offer some of the tastiest fish we have eaten! All sustainably sourced, Southbank provide exclusive-premium grade and hard-to-find coastal fish and supply us, as well as Selfridges and top London restaurants. We favour wild white fish and Loch Duart salmon.
What makes Southbank extra special is that they share our love of sourcing fish sustainably and organically. Southbank have even set up The Southbank Sustainability Initiative to shed light on the complexities of fish science and the importance of sourcing fish sustainably. The initiative is dedicated to changing current buying habits and bringing back sustainable fishing. We are thrilled to be supporting Southbank on their journey.  
All of our meat and poultry comes from the Rhug Estate in Wales. Rhug’s livestock is reared on organic grains and pastures which keeps everything in line with their 'circle of life' philosophy. No pesticides or chemicals are used anywhere on the farm meaning their livestock happily grazes on a mix of organic grass and herbs.
Rhug’s chickens are slow maturing birds and roam freely for 11–16 weeks on organic pastures compared to the average 6-week life expectancy of a battery-farmed chicken.
 Rhug's lamb is born, bred and reared on Rhug’s main farm in Corwen. The pastures are sown with a mix of herbs and grasses including chicory and clover, which contributes to its delicious flavour. And their Aberdeen Angus beef is primarily reared on grass, and finished on a mix of their own organic cereals. 
This natural way of rearing livestock makes Rhug's meat extra tasty and healthy, and is why we are so excited to be working with them. Rhug respects their animals and environment without compromising on taste and quality - we hope your little foodies enjoy Rhug's meat as much as we do :)