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Spring & summer bring an exciting array of colourful produce from UK organic farms. These foods are also bursting with important vitamins. We're focusing on vitamins A, C and E by incorporating seasonal ingredients such as  tomatoes, asparagus and berries.  
Warmer days also mean allergy season is upon us! If your little foodie is affected, eating foods rich in quercitin & vitamin C may help reduce their symptoms. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) detoxifies histamine & quercitin reduces activity in the Mast Cells where histamine is produced. You'll see quercitin-rich foods - such as blueberries and leafy greens - appearing on our menu. 
Did you know that you can also order from our home delivery menu and get your food delivered to nursery?  The HD team will keep your box safe until you collect your little foodie.  We deliver on Tuesday & Thursday afternoons or Friday morning. Enjoy 10% off with the code LITTLEFOODIE


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