How do I reheat my meal?


Specific reheating instructions are provided on our packaging. All our dishes are suitable for microwave cooking. However, some meals taste best when popped in the oven or heated on the stove.  


Do you use organic produce?


We strive to use organic produce wherever possible. We will only ever use organic meat from farmers we trust. All of our fish is sustainably sourced and it is organic when harvest times allow.  If you would like any further information about our suppliers, please take a look at our Suppliers page or drop us an email at team@wildchildkitchen.co.uk 


What about allergens?


All our recipes are free from gluten, dairy and nuts (including peanuts). However, our current kitchen is part of a larger facility that handles all of these allergens. Therefore, there is always a small risk of traces being present due to cross-contamination (no matter how careful we are and the many precautions we have in place). If you would like any further information about allergens and/or our kitchen, please drop us an email at team@wildchildkitchen.co.uk


None of the delivery slots work for me, do you offer any other times?


Unfortunately we can only offer standard delivery slots each week. As we know it is often impossible to be home to receive deliveries we pack your delivery into a box that will keep it chilled for several hours (at least 7!) until you are home. All orders over £15 include free delivery - for orders less than this you will be charged £3.50.

We like to collect and reuse boxes where possible (we love trees!) - if you leave your used box for us to collect on your next delivery we will ensure you receive a discount voucher to redeem against a future order.  If you have any further queries about packaging, please do not hesitate to drop us an email at team@wildchildkitchen.co.uk


Can I change my delivery slot?


Plans change, we get that! We will do all we can to accommodate requests to change delivery slots, all we ask is that you give us some notice. Just drop us an email to team@wildchildkitchen.co.uk by 6pm the night before your scheduled delivery.  We will assume that you want the next available delivery slot unless clearly stated otherwise in your email.


I am not happy with my order, who do I speak to?


We are so sorry that you have not been 100% satisfied with our service. Please send us an email to team@wildchildkitchen.co.uk and we will do all we can to rectify the situation promptly.

Where can I view your privacy statement? 

You can view our privacy policy here. This is also available to view on the checkout page. if you would like a copy of our policy or T&Cs please email us at team@wildchildkitchen.co.uk