The WCK guide to a healthy snack time!

With our little foodies all back to school and nursery, it is our job as adults to help them be able to learn as much as they can. As they rush from sports pitches to classrooms, it is important to fuel them with the right types of foods, giving them sufficient energy to get through their fast paced days.
Snack time is a great chance to sneak in one of your little foodie's five a day or experiment with a new ingredient or flavour. Swap daily between savoury and sweet snacks aiming to provide them with a food group they lack otherwise in their diet. Most children tend to get enough protein and carbohydrates, so use snack time to boost their veggie, fruit or calcium count!
Top Tips
  • Use the weekend as a time to prepare your little foodies' snacks in advance. Get them to cook with you and introduce them to all the ingredients in the recipe, so when it comes to eating it they are aware and unafraid.
  • Make fruit and veggies more exciting! Dehydrate them for a healthy alternative to crisps, blend them for smoothies or freeze them for lollies.
  • Hide your veggies! If your little one dislikes the flavour of greens, try baking them into sweet banana muffins. Delicious and nutritious!
  • Create a snack routine. Just like we eat three meals at certain times of they day, introduce a mid morning and mid afternoon snack time and stick to it. Too much snacking can leave children full and not eating important breakfasts, lunches and suppers.
  • With every snack should be a drink! Often adults and children confuse thirst for hunger, eating more then we physically need. Make sure your foodie has a glass of water with every meal.
  • If your little foodie is not feeling brilliant, use snack time to fuel them with the right food and nutrients to help them feel better. Honey if they have a sore throat, prunes for sore tummies and plain, starchy food for nausea. 

Head down to the Wild Child Kitchen menu to order plenty of delicious, nutritious snacks for your little foodie. Also keep an eye out for plenty of easy snack recipes on our blog!

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