The Story of Our Meat & Poultry

At Wild Child, we take huge pride in working closely with our suppliers, and strive towards being as transparent as we can about where our produce comes from. After introducing you to Langridge, our fruit and vegetable supplier, we wanted to tell you about our meat and poultry. 
The Rhug Estate is made up of two Welsh farms; Corwen in Denbighshire and Ty Mawre on the Gwynedd coast in North Wales. What makes Rhug so special is that across both of these farms, their livestock is reared solely on organic grains and pastures. This means that no pesticides or chemicals are used anywhere on the farm. Between Corwen and Ty Mawre farm, the Rhug Estate produces organic Aberdeen Angus Beef, Welsh Lamb, Welsh Salt Marsh Lamb, Chicken, Geese and Turkeys at Christmas and Thanksgiving. They also have a herd of Wild Bison and now supply wild forage! 
The Rhug Estate
Rhug's self-sufficient farming and circle of life philosophy is such an important aspect of their business; their pastures are sown with a mix of herbs and grasses including chicory and clover. This natural way of rearing livestock makes Rhug's meat extra tasty, and is why we are so excited to be working with them. Rhug respects their animals and environment without compromising on taste and quality.
Rhug Beef
Rhug specifically chooses slow growing breeds to ensure they produce meat that packs a punch, both in flavour and nutrition. Our simple classics like Shepherd’s Pie taste extra special because of the quality of the meat we source from them. Rhug’s chickens roam freely for 11–16 weeks on organic pastures compared to the average 6-week life expectancy of a battery-farmed chicken. Rhug's lamb is born, bred and reared on Rhug’s main farm in Corwen, and their Aberdeen Angus beef is primarily reared on grass, and finished on a mix of their own organic cereals. 

If you'd like to find out more about our meat and poultry, or have any questions about any of our produce, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at 

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