The Story of our Fruit & Veg

We've talked a lot about how we use organic produce wherever possible, but we haven't told you about where it comes from.  We work with three main suppliers - one for meat & poultry, one for fish and another for fruit & veg. It's the latter that we'd like to introduce you to first!  

Langridge Organic is an organic fruit and vegetable wholesaler based in the heart of Devon. Langridge work with a number of organic farms in the UK and Europe, all of them renowned for their high standards of farming, ethical and environmental practices and of course their delicious and nutritious produce. Fragrant herbs from the New Forest, crunchy broccoli from Liverpool and juicy blueberries from Horsham all make their way into our dishes. 


The Story of our Fruit & Veg


What we love about Langridge is that their partnering farms work to the same high standards and organic ethos that their own farm was founded upon. Their soils are enriched by a sound ecosystem made up of a long rotation of crops and fertility-building leys. In a nutshell, this means that Langridge's soils are as rich as possible, helping create the tastiest fruit and veg :) 

None of their crops are sprayed with nasty chemicals and everything grows 100% naturally, which means that from time to time, Langridge's fruit and vegetables might not all look the same. But this is what makes their produce so special and why we love working with them so much.

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