Featured Ingredient: Onions

In season for the most of the year here in the UK, onions are a staple ingredient in many households. Aside from adding flavour to all your favourite dishes, the pungent veggie is its own tasty superfood! Onions are known to better oral health, despite initially having the opposite effect, as chewing on raw onion can strengthen your teeth and kill bacteria. The veggie is also known for its powers when it comes to preventing blood clots, detoxifying the body and helping to prevent osteoporosis.
Choosing your onions
A lot of the time different recipes will call for different coloured onions, but what's the difference? Yellow, red and white onions all vary slightly in colour, flavour and texture, meaning often one onion sorts a certain dish more. Red onions are used more in raw dishes due to its slightly milder taste, whilst yellow and white onions' stronger taste makes them ideal in casseroles and strong flavoured dishes. 

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