Featured Ingredient: Coconut Yoghurt

With a rise in dairy intolerances and more people opting to live dairy free, coconut products are leading the food market. Lactose free and highly nutritious, the shelled fruit comes with its own unique taste that adds a natural sweetness with a far lower sugar spike then any other natural sweetener on the market. Almost identical to dairy yoghurt in consistency, coconut yoghurt is also full of calcium which is essential for your little foodies' bone growth! 

Raspberry & Coconut Overnight Oats

Quick to make, delicious to eat and beautiful to look at! This recipe is loved by both adults and children, with the raspberries giving the breakfast an antixoidant boost plus making it a delicious pink colour! Adding coconut yoghurt makes the oats super creamy and perfectly sweet. 

(Serves 4 little foodies)

1 cup of gluten free porridge oats

1 cup of coconut milk

0.5 cup of coconut yoghurt

1 cup of raspberries, mashed

1.5 tsp of chia seeds

Place all your ingredients in a mixing bowl combining everything

Cover your bowl and place in the fridge overnight

Serve in the morning with fresh fruit in individual cups or jars!



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