Back to school packed lunch tips!

Now that we are in September and all your little foodies are heading back to nursery and school, here at Wild Child we are hoping to make your packed lunch experience as easy as possible. A balanced lunch is crucial to ensure children are energetic and able to absorb all information at school. It's a a great chance to experiment with different grains, recipe and veggies, helping them to discover what they do and don't like. 
Snack Time
Usually eaten between 9-11, include slow releasing complex carbohydrates like oats to provide them with energy to last the day. Snack time is a great change to try new foods with little ones as if they really don't like them lunch time is soon after so they won't be hungry all day. At the end of the school day discuss with you child what they thought of the new ingredient, discussing what they do and don't like about it and what they would change about their snack.
Energy balls
Crudites and dip
Granola and yogurt
Breakfast pots
Fruit roll ups
Veggie crisps
Aim to provide a balanced lunch of protein, complex carbohydrates and veggies. When choosing protein, salmon and chicken work well as they are both delicious cold, provide plenty of nutrients and match well with many delicious flavours. Many people often bulk up meals with carbohydrates and reduce protein, try to avoid this as protein is key to repairing little foodies muscles after sports lessons!
When choosing your carbohydrates, always buy the brown, wholegrain variety. White processed carbs are stripped of all the nutrients and is often harder on little foodies tummies. Brown rice pasta, wholegrain brown rice and sweet potato are some of our favourites!
When selecting your veggies, we suggest trying to stick to UK seasonal produce as much as possible! This will help you to support local farmers, receive fresher veggies and give you the required vitamins to suit the weather. 
Pasta salads
Veggie burgers 
Open faced sandwiches

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