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We were so happy to meet Naomi from Mini Yoga, a wonderful company offering children's yoga and storytelling workshops in South West London. We met up with Naomi to find out more about how she juggles two little ones and her yoga practice.
Mini Yoga Wandsworth
Tell us about your typical day...
My day normally starts at 6.30am when I'm woken up by Francesca (2) and Ralph (6). Breakfast is a big bowl of porridge with warm lemon juice for the grown ups and milk for the little ones. I teach a mini yoga class three mornings a week, which Francesca comes along to. Her favourite yoga pose is three legged dog! Lunch is often homemade veggie soup with carrots and hummus. Francesca has a nap in the afternoons - this is my chance to do a spot of yoga or meditation and answer any emails. 
 I teach after-school clubs three afternoons a week, so Francesca goes to nursery and Ralph will go to a club or come with me. My husband gets home at around 6.30pm and I will either prep for teaching an adult yoga class in the evening, or do bedtime with the kiddies which is bath time and stories!
What inspires you most about your job? 
 The thing that inspires me the most is knowing I am planting a seed in young minds which will help them through life and better understand their bodies. I am also inspired by the relationships I am making along the way with parents, carers, teachers, children; there are so many wonderful people out there.
What do you love doing at weekends?
I love getting to a yoga class and catching up with friends. We do a lot of play dates where the kids play and us parents enjoy some food and a good natter. I also teach a Yoga Storytime class every Saturday morning at the Bright Emporium on St John’s Hill. 
What did you want to be when you were younger?
I remember wanting to be an actress as a child. My father is a musician so I had a lot of that influence at home. It's strange how things turn out as I do feel like as a yoga teacher you are putting on a show with every class!
Favourite childhood memory... 
When I was a child, my mum retrained as a Lotte Berk instructor and I used to go to classes with her at the local hall. “Sweet Dreams” by the Eurythmics is such a nostalgic song for me! Mum told me I used to crawl under the women’s legs.. I feel like I'm following in her footsteps!

*Naomi is kindly offering a free family yoga class with all Wild Child orders! Keep an eye out for details in your next order!*

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