5 Questions with JP from allplants

As a young start-up, we're always interested in hearing about other companies' journeys and the personal stories behind them. It keeps us inspired, helps us evolve and make a few friends along the way. 
This is why we have decided to add an interview series to our blog - we want to introduce you to our friends in the industry, be it other foodies, female founders or anyone we come across with a story we think you might love :) 
To kickstart the series, we met up with JP from all plants, an awesome new company delivering delicious plant-based meals. Read on to find out more about JP's journey towards becoming vegan and why dark chocolate and grains are the way forward! 
All Plants Founders

What has been your biggest hurdle during your plant-based journey? Have friends and family been supportive? 

Convenience. Or inconvenience to be more specific. Hands-down it’s the biggest challenge. And it’s what drove Alex (my brother) and I into action. We knew that whenever we have the time we can whip up an absolutely luscious plant-based feast, but when you’re out and about, travelling, at an event you can often find yourself faced with nothing delicious or healthy to eat! That can be tough, what do you do?! These days I tend to always be carrying some delicious healthy snacks, as well as ensuring I’ve eaten well before heading out. And the rest of the time, when really caught short, it’s key to be kind to yourself.

What does a typical day of food look like for you?

Well I actually kept track of this recently for a talk I gave on plant-based protein. It’s a popular myth that without meat, fish, dairy or eggs it’s impossible to get sufficient protein in your diet. Turns out that’s poppycock. There’s protein in every living thing, in fact in every cell of every living thing. So if we’re talking about my oats with peanut butter and fruit in the morning (10-15g protein), a black coffee mid-morning (1g), a black-bean burrito at lunch (25g), or one of our allplants Jerk Jackfruit dishes with some steamed tender stem broccoli on the side (25g)… it’s all jam-packed with goodness and downright delicious!
All Plants Moussaka

What do you think you’d be doing if you hadn’t set up allplants? 

Hah! There’s a myriad of other ways I would love to build our planet’s plant-based future too. From making stylish, affordable lifestyle and clothing products (that don’t use leather and are truly sustainable), to going down the food-science route - joining the inspiring ranks of Impossible Foods or Beyond Meat to flip the meat industry on it’s head by engineering burgers, steaks or chicken nuggets from compounding plant-based proteins or synthetically building with stem-cells. There’s so much fun work to do. It’s all about helping normal people like you or me, who want to live more conscious mindful lives, to do so without compromising on convenience, taste or price (it shouldn’t be premium, that’s just a marketing gimic cashing in!)

Where’s your favourite family foodie hang out? 

Have you been to Dalston Eastern Curve Garden? It's a great spot for a Sunday (funday) afternoon with the family. It's a spacious garden pavilion used for events like outdoor pizza making and veg growing workshops. The food served in the cafe uses only seasonal, locally sourced produce and tastes incredible. There's always something going on there, check it out!

Our team is turning vegan for one week, do you have any top tips for us?!

That's amazing, hats off to you. It’s all about experimenting with plant-based, that’s how I got started and never looked-back. Biggest tip, don't over complicate! You don't need to be making your own tofu or spending loads on niche ingredients. Roasted veg and hummus in a sandwich with rocket and olives is a simple lunch-time winner. Replace the cow's milk in your porridge with the, far tastier, nut milks on offer. Go mad on fruit, gorge on dark choc and befriend the grain - cous cous, bulgar wheat and pearl barley go with literally anything. 
All Plants Jerk Jackfruit

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