2017: Find Your Wild

Happy New Year everyone! We hope you had a relaxing few weeks and are feeling rejuvenated. With all the excitement that surrounds the changing of the calendar, we wanted to discuss the added pressure that comes with it; New Year's resolutions, goal setting and expectations of becoming a 'better' or 'newer' you. Of course, we are all excited about what 2017 will bring, the imaginary slate has been wiped clean and we are looking forward to a new year full of challenges :)
Find your Wild

However, more and more New Year's resolutions centre around removing something from your life or giving something up. Why start the year with a negative tone?

At Wild Child HQ our resolution and mantra for 2017 is 'find your wild' - connecting with ourselves and the world around us to feel more empowered.

This will be a different challenge for each of us. It could be going for a run in the park, facing your fears of public speaking, taking that next leap in your career or trying that new gym class. Listen to yourself - what do YOU need this year?

This is an important message to pass on to the little ones in our lives. Help them understand themselves and their world better. Empower them to make choices that bring them health both physically and mentally. And most of all, show them how to be kind to themselves and appreciate just how amazing they are.

Remember to set achievable targets, whatever they may be, and take small steps to reach them. If life gets in the way sometimes then don't beat yourself up about it - enjoy the journey, you will reap rewards when you get to your final destination :)

'Do small things with great love.' Wise words from Mother Theresa and we will be taking them with us everywhere we go. Show love to yourself and others as we all set out to make 2017 our best year yet!

We asked the Wild Child team what their goals or challenges are for 2017:

Finding time to meditate each day. I am always rushing around and use this as an excuse to skip mediation, but I really would like to try to incorporate it daily. By taking some mindful minutes to nourish myself each day I am sure I will also be a better sister, wife, friend and boss! - Natasha
Learn how to dance haha! I am a terrible dancer and with my wedding fast approaching, I would love to be able to get through my first dance with my fiancé without too many tumbles! - Sophie

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